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Dr. Stanley of Ava Hair Restoration is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Association. This association states that choosing hair restoration surgery is a major decision for most people and will permanently change your appearance to a more youthful look. The hair restoration specialist you select for this surgery should be a physician. You are encourgaged to read why your hair restoration specialist should be a physician. To learn more about the procedures used, see our Hair restoration surgery glossary for more information. Dr. Stanley is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Her credentials are an indication of her dedication to skill and the pursuit of artistic perfection.

Member, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) & American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Stanley is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

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What is Your Hair Loss Pattern? We Can Help.

At Ava Hair Restoration, in Carlsbad, California, Dr. Audrey Stanley uses modern hair transplant techniques to achieve permanent and natural looking hair growth and hair restoration results. Excellent hair transplantation requires both artistry and technical skill to achieve the most natural and dense results that age well for you.

Dr. Stanley provides state-of-the-art hair transplant and corrective surgery procedures with minimal recovery and with permanent results for the full gamut of those afflicted with hair loss. A full range of men's hair loss solutions and women's hair loss solutions, transplant services and non-surgical hair restoration treatments include:

Beyond expertise in hair transplant surgery, Ava Hair Restoration provides individualized, safe, and compassionate care for you. Unlike most hair transplant clinics, Dr. Stanley performs only one hair transplant surgery a day so that there is no rush to perform a procedure that day on another patient. You will meet with Dr. Stanley at your initial consultation and for all follow-up visits rather than with a non-medical salesperson.


Make it a vacation while you're here for hair restoration or hair transplants in Carlsbad, California. Ava Hair Restoration is just thirty minutes from downtown San Diego. Dr. Stanley is a highly trained and respected, San Diego hair restoration and hair transplant specialist. Nearby cities are Encinitas, Oceanside, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, La Jolla, and other San Diego North County cities that are great vacation and tourist attractions.

Many of our patients come to Ava Hair Restoration travel from all over the United States and internationationally for hair transplantation, and make it a vacation at the same time.

Carlsbad is a pristine, coastal city just north of downtown San Diego. There are great beaches, Legoland, fine hotels & restaurants, nightlife, and more.

Come alone, as a couple, or bring family and friends and have some fun while you're here. Learn more about the travel possiblities in Carlsbad and the San Diego area.

Start planning for a new you, and a memorable vacation! Get a No Obligation Hair Restoration Consultation.


  1. We provide you with honest, personalized answers.
  2. You receive a complete surgical plan, not just a surgery.
  3. Dr. Stanley focuses on one surgery per day... no rushing.
  4. We use natural grafts, no separating of hair follicles.
  5. Your hairline will look natural. We value highest aesthetics.
  6. Best surgical practices ensure best hair transplant results.
  7. We maximize your hair density... as dense as possible.
  8. You will have a natural look with hair transplantation.


Modern medical techniques, tools and technology have changed the landscape of hair restoration. Rows of obvious hair implants sitting on scarred, swollen skin are a thing of the past.

Technological advances and the use of the microscope enables us to properly visualize the naturally occurring one, two, three and four hair follicular unit groupings, then isolating these grafts from the donor tissue to use during hair restoration surgery.

The proof is in the pictures... see actual transplant results.


Dr. Audrey Stanley, M.D., M.P.H., is founder and medical director of Ava Hair Restoration & Med Spa. She is a board certified physician and surgeon with extensive knowledge in Dermatology, Cosmetic Medicine, Hair Restoration Surgery and over 14 years experience.

You are in expert hands when you choose Dr. Stanley to give you the professional guidance and treatment you need to regain lost hair. She treats men's hair loss and women's hair loss, and successfully restores hair and eyebrows through non-surgical hair restoration solutions and hair transplants that look completely natural.